Project Detail

Method of Award: Global Bidding

CommutersLink-A social App offering affordable commuting solutions on long term basis

Client: SysReforms International

Start Date : June 2022 Finsih Date: On Going

Project Description:

CommutersLink, a project initiated by SysReforms International, introduces innovative, long-term commuting solutions that transcend the traditional one-time ride model. The essence lies in collaborative efforts to mitigate the impact of price hikes through cost-sharing, emphasizing savings rather than earning. With CommutersLink, individuals find compatible travel partners for shared rides, whether as car offeror or passengers, fostering a mutually beneficial arrangement. This platform streamlines the process, enabling car offerors to save and earn concurrently, while passengers pay solely for their occupied seat a truly equitable commuting solution. For car offeror, CommutersLink represents an opportunity to save money by sharing seats in their vehicles, while passengers enjoy the benefit of paying only for the space they occupy. CommutersLink determines the optimal per-seat daily cost to benefit both passengers and car providers, considering factors such as car model, engine capacity, distance travelled, fuel consumption, and a nominal maintenance fee for wear and tear. With this solution, CommutersLink contributes to socioeconomic welfare by alleviating traffic congestion, hazards, pollution, and reducing government expenditure on communication infrastructure, while also enhancing citizen mental health. The application is accessible to both web and mobile users, allowing them to Sign Up, Match, Connect, and Easily share costs using convenient payment methods.

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