Project Detail

Method of Award: Global Bidding

Dashboards -Social Determinants of Health

Client: World Health Organisation (WHO) EMRO

Start Date : July 2019 Finsih Date: Sep 2019

Project Description:

The SysReforms team has developed a Web Based application featuring multiple dashboards designed to monitor and evaluate the advancement of "social determinants of health" within the WHO EMRO context. This application provides WHO officials with the capability to oversee not only the performance of individual countries in the region but also the performance of sub-regional groups and intra-country dynamics across various indicators. The developed website incorporates distinct dashboards tailored to facilitate the tracking and assessment of progress regarding social determinants of health for WHO EMRO. This digital solution empowers WHO officials by providing them with comprehensive insights into the performance of specific countries, intra-country dynamics, and intra sub-regional group performance across various SDH indicators. Through this platform, WHO officials are equipped to make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions to address disparities and improve health outcomes within the EMRO region.

Tech Stack