Project Detail

Method of Award: Global Bidding

Electronic Web Based Annual Certification Reporting Management System (e-ACR)

Client: World Health Organisation (WHO) EMRO

Start Date : Jan 2021 Finsih Date: Dec 2022

Project Description:

Aligned with principles and guidelines provided by Global Commission for the Certification of the Eradication of Poliomyelitis, the Regional Certification Commission (RCC) for the EMR reviews reports submitted by the National Certification Committee (NCC) of each country, that has been free of indigenous wild poliovirus for a period of at least ONE year, enabling the RCC to verify whether all member countries, and the Region as a whole, are truly polio-free. To transition the certification reporting from paper/excel based to electronic system, WHO EMRO selected SysReforms International (Pvt.) Ltd to design, develop and implement this highly complex web-based system for 22 countries of EMR member states.

Tech Stack