Project Detail

Method of Award: Global Bidding

Government of Pakistan/National Institute for Health, Antibiotic Prescription Support Software and Android App

Client: National Institute of Health, Government of Pakistan

Start Date : March 2023 Finsih Date: May 2023

Project Description:

SysReforms has designed, developed and deployed the Antibiotic Prescription Support Software, which is a comprehensive solution designed for both web and mobile platforms, specifically targeting respiratory ailments and the prescription of antibiotics. This software serves as a vital tool for collecting data on antibiotic prescriptions while also recording alternative medical and non-medical treatments. The primary users of the software are medical practitioners, particularly physicians, who utilize it to input prescription data both pre and post-intervention. Secondary users include SysReforms software developing team, who ensure the smooth functioning of the platform. Administrative oversight is provided by project staff, who supervise individual logins and access rights. The web-based portion of the software is developed using React.js for the frontend and Node.js for the backend. By leveraging React.js for the frontend and Node.js for the backend, the Antibiotic Prescription Support Software ensures a modern and efficient architecture, seamless integration between frontend and backend components, and enhanced performance for both web and mobile platforms.

Tech Stack