Project Detail

Method of Award: Global Bidding

Reference Laboratory And Collaborating Centre (RL&CC) Reporting System Evolution

Client: World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH)

Start Date : Nov. 2023 Finsih Date: May 2024

Project Description:

SysReforms has been engaged to provide IT solution for the WOAH Reference Laboratories (270) and Collaborating Centers (72) (Rl&CC) Reporting System Evolution that has been meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with the WOAH's existing IT infrastructure for this project. The enhancement and development of additional functionalities for the WOAH RL&CC Information System aim to improve user experience and system efficiency. These enhancements include implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) for seamless authentication, ensuring effective notifications to users, enabling access to multiple system components simultaneously, facilitating easy navigation, simplifying data input processes, and fortifying the administrative module for enhanced security. Additionally, a form builder is also developed to create various templates, catering to different data entry requirements. Furthermore, trilingual functionality is integrated into the entire website, allowing users to access content in multiple languages.

Tech Stack