Project Detail

Method of Award: Global Bidding

Web Based Polio Containment Data Management System

Client: World Health Organisation (WHO) EMRO

Start Date : Sep 2019 Finsih Date: Dec 2020

Project Description:

The SysReforms team has developed Web Based Polio Containment Data Management System that has significantly strengthened WHO EMRO’s data management capabilities and practices through integrating documents and data from different reporting streams into a single platform. The primary goal is to expedite national containment surveys and inventories, thereby aiding EMRO and regional countries in progressing towards certifying the global eradication of all polioviruses. This system plays a pivotal role in ensuring that quality standards are met to fulfil certification criteria, with a specific focus on containment measures. Through the implementation of this web-based data reporting system, standardized templates, minimum reporting requirements, and assessment metrics have been developed by SysReforms for use by countries and oversight bodies. EMRO collaborates closely with countries to maintain up-to-date inventories and ensure the timely and complete destruction of relevant materials. The Polio Containment website and database aim to facilitate eradication efforts by eliminating the risk of poliovirus transmission, preventing outbreaks, and implementing safe-handling and containment measures to minimize the risks of virus reintroduction into polio-free communities. SysReforms has undertaken a comprehensive scope of work, encompassing the design, development, deployment, training, and long-term maintenance of the system. This partnership ensures the continued success and effectiveness of the Polio Containment Database in supporting global polio eradication efforts.

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